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Decorative contact lenses and Halloween

Decorative contact lenses and HalloweenDecorative contact lenses have become quite popular in recent years, with demand increasing during the Halloween season. Fun designs are made to look animalistic including zebra, cat and jaguar eyes. Although cosmetic contact lenses can be fun and safe, they can produce serious eye problems. If you wear special effect lenses […]

Seven out of 10 children…

Study indicates seven out of 10 children, young adults may be deficient in vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels and lowering of the HDL which is the “good cholesterol” which put together put a child at future risk of cardiovascular disease. In a study […]

Children and Diabetes

Children and Diabetes According to a paper published by Transitions Optical, Inc. comprehensive eye care and sight-enhancing eyewear are two ways to protect the eyes of children who have diabetes. The percentage of children who have newly diagnosed type diabetes has increased from below 5% prior to 1994 to 30-50% in subsequent years. Childhood obesity is […]

Eyewear That Protects Your Child’s Eyes

Each year, thousands of eye injuries could be prevented if more people would wear safety glasses or protective eyewear.Eye injuries happen all too frequently when adults and kids are enjoying sports or working around the home. Children are especially vulnerable to eye injuries because they often don’t consider that their eyes, and possibly a lifetime […]

Tips for Buying Kids Glasses

These days children’s glasses come in a variety of cool styles and kid-friendly colors. Your child should help in the selection process because the more he or she likes the glasses, the more they’ll like wearing them. The following are the top six things to keep in mind when picking out eyeglasses for children:1) Polycarbonate […]