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Diabetes Control

Diabetes Control can greatly reduce diabetic related eye disease.Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportion across the globe and the United States has nearly 24 million people already diabetic and more than 50 million “pre-diabetes”. Blindness is the most prevalent side effect of diabetes. There are many modifiable risk factors for diabetic retinopathy including high blood pressure, […]

Type II diabetes epidemic

The type 2 diabetes epidemic that continues to sweep across the United States has left an estimated 24 million20Americans struggling with the disease, up more than 3 million people since 2005. Alongside this epidemic comes the wave of illnesses and disabilities brought on by the diabetes (heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nervous system damage). The […]

Managing Your Diabetes

The first part of “managing” your diabetes is to accept the fact that glucose (sugar) is not “processed” safely by your body and that the buildup of the blood glucose can damage many parts of the body, including the eyes.  There are many different strategies for living with diabetes. Finding the right one for you […]

Diabetes Related Vision Problems

According to a study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the Archives of Ophthalmology, the “prevalence of retinopathy, glaucoma, and other vision problems related to diabetes is projected to rise dramatically over the next four decades”. These projections are based on a steady increase in the total US population, an increase […]