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7 Good Habits for Eyesight

7 Good Habits for Eyesight1) Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses which include anti-reflective (non-glare) coatings, polarization, tint, and UV protection2) Do Not Smoke3) Limit Alcoholic Beverages4) Keep blood sugar within accepted ranges5) Keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control6) Eat Antioxidant-rich foods7) Have regular eye exams

Video Games Increase Real-World Vision

According to research in Nature Neuroscience, Daphne Bavelier (professor of brain and cognitive sciences at University of Rochester), has discovered that very practiced action gamers become 58% better at perceiving fine differences in contrast. Their findings were that action video games train the brain to process the existing visual information more efficiently, and the improvements […]

Eye related diseases are related to blood vessel changes

The vision-robbing diseases of the eyes that come with age (glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.) are all, in a way, related to the depletion of the nutrients the blood carries to the blood vessels of the eye, as well as the deterioration of the vessels themselves. The overall effect can be damage to the […]

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

CVS is a term used to describe a collection of symptoms caused by prolonged computer use. The eyes and brain react differently to words on a computer screen than th ey do to printed text. Characters displayed on a computer screen are made up of several small dots, or pixels. The eyes cannot easily focus […]

Age related changes in eye color

Age related changes in eye color do occur among 10-15 percent of Caucasians. The eyes become lighter as a result of the progressive decrease in the number of pigment granules in the connective tissue (stroma) of the front layer of the iris. In children eye color changes in about 43 percent of patients between the […]

Coping with computer vision syndrome (CVS)

Coping with computer vision syndrome (CVS)If you are having trouble with your eyes while using a computer, the following tips are worth a try:– consider a pair of computer glasses– blink, breathe and break– use artificial tears for dry or irritated eyes– reduce screen glare by adjusting light levels– increase font size on your computer […]


The old adage is that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Developments in modern scientific technology have revealed that the eye is also a window to the body. The innermost region of the eye (retina) provides the key that allows my office to open the door to the diagnosis and management of many […]