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Human corneal stem cells may help repair vision

University of Pittsburgh researchers have shown that stem cells injected into the eyes of mice with defective corneas returned the corneas to a more normal appearance. After growing stem cell cultures in the lab, the researchers injected the stem cells into the eyes of mice bred to have defective corneas that mimic scar tissue in […]

Contact lenses coated in stem cells may restore sight to patients with corneal disease

Researchers from Australia‚Äôs University of New South Wales have used contact lenses coated in stem cells to restore sight to patients suffering from corneal disease. In the procedure, the investigators removed tissue with regenerative stem cells from patients own eyes and then multiplied them in the laboratory on the surface of a contact lens. Next, […]

FDA approves first human embryonic stem cell study

The FDA has approved Geron (biotechnology company) to utilize embryonic stem cells to coax them into making spinal cord tissue, heart muscle, cartilage and other organs and tissues. The injections will be made into the spine at the site of the damage of patients who have been paralyzed within 14 days of their injury. Previous […]