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School vision screenings

School vision screenings are designed to check a child’s eyesight, or sharpness of vision (ex. 20/20). Many times, for several reasons, a child’s close up skills responsible for reading such as tracking, focusing and binocular vision are either overlooked or not revealed. The American Optometric Association warns that school vision screenings may not accurately measure […]

Routine Eye Exam vs. Medical Eye Exam

The type of eye exam you have is determined by the reason for your visit or your chief complaint, as well as your diagnosis. Most insurance companies focus on the reason for your visit. Routine vision exams usually produce diagnosis such as nearsightedness or astigmatism while a medical exam produces diagnoses such as conjunctivitis.

Eye Test May Detect Alzheimer’s Years before Symptoms Develop

Researchers from University College London used fluorescent markers that attach to dying cells in the brain of mice which can signal the early onset of Alzheimer’s. Research has shown that cells start to die ten to 20 years before the symptoms of Alzheimer’s become evident

Annual Eye Examinations proven to save businesses money.

According to several vision care giants “annual eye exams may save businesses nearly $3 billion annually by detecting chronic disease and referring patients for early “intervention”. Vision Service Plan (VSP) states that businesses that offer eye care benefits realize these savings through lower health plan benefit disability, and employee termination costs due to early detection […]

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Eye Exam

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Eye Exam1)Visual Acuity- headaches or general fatigue are often caused by slight over or under correction 2)Eye Disease- many eye diseases often have no symptoms (for example glaucoma is known as the “sneak thief of sight”. 3)Developmental problems- uncorrected vision problems in children often cause learning and reading difficulties or contribute […]

Dilated Eye Exam

Dilation of the eyes is the most important part of a comprehensive eye exam, especially if it is the first time seeing that eye doctor. Dilation of the pupil enables the eye care practitioner a better look in the periphery of the eye/retina. There are some drops that do not last long but still enable […]

Fewer car crash deaths

Fewer car crash deaths among elderly Floridians since mandated vision screening tests. Since the instillation of mandatory vision screening laws the death rate reduced by 17 percent among drivers over 80. The study performed by the University of Alabama-Birmingham compared death to drivers in Florida to neighboring states Alabama and Georgia which don’t require vision tests […]

Immediate Eye Exam

Common Conditions requiring an immediate eye examIf you experience any of the following symptoms please consider immediate action and see an optometrist:– Sudden floaters– Flashing lights– Curtain effect (peripheral field)– Transient vision loss (vision coming and going)– sudden blurred vision– recent blurred vision– gradual vision loss– metamorphopsia- distortion of vision– micropsia- objects appear smaller than […]