Contact Lenses and Frames for All Vision Needs and Lifestyles

The office mission is to provide quality eye care for every member of the family, giving you reliable, convenient, dependable, and predictable, quality care while being responsive to your needs as we utilize modern technology and the highest quality products. We have expanded our optical services to include over 600 frames. The laboratories that we choose to partner with are high quality experienced craftsman who will show the same attention to detail as we have tried to display over the last three decades. One of our goals for each and every one of our patients is to improve the quality of your vision and by utilizing some of the very special coatings and/or treatments of the lenses that are available we can accomplish that goal.

Stop in and visit our beautiful optical department to meet with our Optical Conceirge. We are carrying a full line of fashionable designer eye wear. Our optical department has many sports related frames as well as safety eye wear. For the children we are carrying some of the most adorable frames available, such as Lucky Brand and Converse. Don’t forget your sunglasses when outside! Ultra violet light can harm your eyes whether you are young or old and we have a wonderful selection of sunglasses for your convenience.  As a “combination” pair of glasses you might want to consider lenses that will change color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In addition to the comprehensive examination we will use the latest in available technology to determine the  diagnostic contact lens that must be placed on the eye to determine the many parameters and variables that go into a well fit contact lens. The evaluation does not stop at the time of the fitting but continues until it has been determined that the vision, comfort, fit and eye health are optimum which might take several visits. Utilizing the experience Dr. Sterling has acquired we “tailor” the lens to your needs/wants. The doctor is not using only one certain type of contact lens but whichever contact lens “works” for each individual case (e.g. dry eye problems, large astigmatism, bifocal needs). Lenses are individually fit for each patient.

Please feel free to visit us the next time you drive by or call and make an appointment for an exam and pick out your new fashion eyewear. We offer free adjustments and cleaning for the life of your eyewear. Most of our eyeglasses are warranted for at least two years. We want to know what it is that we can’t provide for you this year so that next year we will have it ready for you. For your convenience we accept most health insurance plans as well as participate in many of the vision insurance programs.

The Sterling Concierge Experience

Clear and comfortable vision is the key to successfully completing most tasks that life demands of us all. Often times it’s difficult to step away from our daily routine and stay on top of our eye health needs and ensure our vision is properly taken care of. That’s where we come in. Learn more about The Sterling Concierge Experience.

Frames to Match Your Lifestyle

It’s no secret that fashion frames are more popular now than ever. Everywhere you look from print ads to television, movies and beyond, eyewear has become a symbol of personality and distinction among the masses.  When choosing new eye glasses shoppers tend to think from this perspective.

Think about it.  The last time you walked into an optical, were you drawn to the frames with the flashy names?  Did you immediately think, I “like” or “do not like” this pair? While it is true that your tastes are respected when considering your next pair of eyewear, we feel what must be considered primarily is your lifestyle and how your new frame and lenses fit into that lifestyle.

Find the Lifestyle Package that works for you.

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