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School vision screenings

School vision screenings are designed to check a child’s eyesight, or sharpness of vision (ex. 20/20). Many times, for several reasons, a child’s close up skills responsible for reading such as tracking, focusing and binocular vision are either overlooked or not revealed. The American Optometric Association warns that school vision screenings may not accurately measure […]

Wet vs. Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration

The leading cause of blindness in people over aged 65 and older is AMD. The part of the retina that is responsible for our sharp central vision is the macula and for these purposes think of it as a piece of graph paper with many different boxes. Dry AMD progresses slower and begins as changes […]

Top 7 Ways for Contact Lens User to minimize eye infections

1) Remove contact lenses before immersing in water2) Wash hands before handling lenses3) Keep your contact lenses clean & disinfected4) Use fresh products and discard used solutions5) Store contacts in clean, dry, disinfected cases6) Replace contacts regularly and on schedule7) Have regular eye examinations

Night Driving

For most people night driving can prove more of a challenge than daylight driving. The pupil of the eye dilates in poor lighting reducing a person’s “depth of focus”. Let me make some suggestions to improve your night driving results:1) take your time- allow your eyes a chance to adjust to varying light levels2) minimize […]

Higher Vitamin D status associated with decreased risk for Type II diabetes

According to the Framingham Offspring Study researchers found that those patients with higher vitamin D status had a 40% lower incidence of diabetes

Pregnancy and Vision

1) Many times contact lenses become intolerable during pregnancy and it is often suggested to wear glasses during the duration of the pregnancy. 2) Mild changes can occur to your prescription during pregnancy but are usually temporary.3) Due to hormonal changes the eyes can feel more dry and irritated during pregnancy.4) If you are already diabetic […]

Gender and Eye Conditions

U.S. women are significantly more likely than U.S. men to experience several eye conditions including cataracts and general eye fatigue and are more likely to identify health and environmental factors, such as diabetes and glare/bright light respectively, that can adversely affect their vision. Transitions Optical, Inc. online survey comprised 2,207 U. S. adults with 52% […]

Decorative contact lenses and Halloween

Decorative contact lenses and HalloweenDecorative contact lenses have become quite popular in recent years, with demand increasing during the Halloween season. Fun designs are made to look animalistic including zebra, cat and jaguar eyes. Although cosmetic contact lenses can be fun and safe, they can produce serious eye problems. If you wear special effect lenses […]

Supplementation of Lutein in diet may help slow progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa

In a study published in the April issue of Archives of Ophthalmology it was reported that supplementation with the carotenoid lutein slowed the progression of the visual field loss in patients with RP who are treated with Vitamin A.

Two New Studies Highlight genetic link between age related macular degeneration and cholesterol

Both AMD and elevated cholesterol seem to share a particular variant of a gene known as LIPC which regulates high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood. There isn’t a direct cause-and-effect relationship but it is possible that the eye disease might have something to do with how the body transports nutrients in the blood.

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