Being Prepared for Your Visit

If this visit will be your first we will send you the various forms that you’ll need to fill out via our patient management system (WebSystem III) so that your visit to our office is not consumed with paper work. Please inform us of your health and vision insurance so that we might maximize your benefit and minimize your out of pocket expense.¬†Please view our FAQ to see our list of accepted insurances. If you have an HMO program you will need to contact your primary care physician prior to your visit to obtain that referral which is often times communicated thru Navinet a computerized referral system. If this is a first time visit please expect to be in our office about an hour. We pride ourselves on comprehensive care and will spend as much time as we need to satisfy your visual needs/wants.

Bring Your Current Glasses and/or Contact Lenses

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We will review your glasses/contact lens history with you so that we can make the right decision if there are changes to be made. By verifying your prescription we can predict if there will be any adaptation problems making the transition from old to new as “seamless” as possible.¬†Bring in your contact lens care cleaning and disinfecting regimen so that we might tailor your future disinfection systems to your needs/wants.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early

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We pride ourselves in maximizing the time you spend in our office and keeping to a very tight schedule. We plan every minute of your visit so if there is any remaining paperwork, identifying your benefits/plans, or getting authorization for your visit we can get the aforementioned items settled enabling us to work expeditiously for your convenience and in appreciation of your valuable time.

Additional Information to Consider

Your Medical History

There are many times that a systemic “issue” may have a dramatic effect on visual performance (ex. diabetes, hypertension, etc.) so it is very important that you provide us with a complete medical history so that we might anticipate problems proactively!

Vision Needs for Work or Hobbies

The visual needs of a 6’10” truck driver are very different from the 4’8″ seamstress, the tall male playing sports needs eye protection from others who may accidentally reach and hit the eye or its surrounding structures. Visual performance at work or at play can be aided by different coatings or lens treatments and some tasks may be aided by different lens modalities (ex. a computer programmer might not want a progressive bifocal they might want single vision or reading glasses). People that work in a hospital or a mall with a controlled environment may have severe dryness with their contact lenses and therefore may need a special type of contact lens or lubricating drop. An athlete may need protection or different type of lens (high index, polycarbonate, etc) to perform at a high level. Providing us with this type of information will help us develop the ideal plan for your needs/wants. And, get some ideas on how to make your frames and lenses work for you. Check out the Lifestyle Packages we offer.

More Answers to Your Questions

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We have a blog that answers many questions about eye related conditions and treatments. And we have a helpful FAQ section for your convenience. Read our FAQ.