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One company’s mission to make affordable glasses


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FREE ARTICLE: Allergy Sufferers

Allergy Sufferers (PDF)

FREE ARTICLE: Back to School Eye Care

DID YOU KNOW? Millions of children will start school this year with a vision problem that may inhibit their ability to learn and ultimately affect the rest of their lives. Learn the difference between Vision Examinations and Vision Screenings and make sure that your children eye’s are safe and able to contribute to a positive learning experience. Back to School Eye Care Article – PDF  

FREE ARTICLE: Allergic Eye Disease

Dr. Sterling has written an article to help his patients and the community at large understand the common irritation that is officially known as “Allergic Eye Disease”. Learn about the symptoms, causes and potential treatments by downloading the Allergic Eye Disease White Paper.  

FREE ARTICLE: Managing Your Diabetes

Dr. Sterling has written an article to help those suffering with diabetes better understand how to control their condition. Read his article and start managing your diabetes.  

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Dr. Sterling and the Penn State Institute for Diabetes and Obesity are proud to provide you with a free award winning and comprehensive Diabetes Playbook. The resources was developed by the institute and not only offers tips on how to manage diabetes from people who treat diabetes, it offers tips from people who live with diabetes every day. The Diabetes Playbook is a Gold winner in the 24th Annual Healthcare Marketing Advertising Report Awards, recognized for its effective way of delivering its diabetes education message. The Penn State Institute for Diabetes and Obesity has also received the Allene Von Son Award from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) for its innovative and award-winning Diabetes Playbook. This award, sponsored by the Bayer Corporation, recognizes diabetes educators and programs that have developed original, outstanding, and effective patient education tools. Download Your Diabetes Playbook – PDF.  


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